Our team is focused on transforming lives one landscape at a time through outstanding service and innovative, earth friendly design practices. 


We are a small, boutique firm by design. We work with a select number of high end residences and resorts each year in order to devote our full attention, time and resources to them. Our business model is a holistic one, focused on detailed, personalized attention that considers lifestyle, desires and sustainable practices. Our first priority is to understand what makes our clients' hearts sing, so that we can create the best possible living environments for all that we serve. 

Two of us (Jeff and Diana) are in a marriage partnership and have developed a collaborative design process. Trading creative riffs invigorates our work together and produces dynamic results.

During our travels in southeast Asia and South America we witnessed many negative impacts to the environment that have empowered a commitment to being stewards of the earth. We believe that living a life of luxury never has to sacrifice the environment. In fact, at the very least, we see it as our responsibility to be environmentally considerate with every design choice we make. We try to educate and encourage our clients to do more “out of the box” things to enhance and restore local flora and fauna as well.



John Heidemann  •  Lead Design/Project Management

John started a landscaping business as a teenager in the early ’70s which paid for his college tuition. He has been in the industry ever since in one iteration or another. As a young family man in his 20s he ran his own company providing the whole outdoor living experience for homeowners in the midwest. Since then he has been project manager and lead designer for large firms in the southwest and Florida. Here in St. Pete, he has crafted 100s of outdoor living environments.

John's forty-nine years of experience in landscape design, residential architecture/construction and management has earned him numerous awards over his career, including those featured in Dupont and Housetrends magazines. He has owned and operated his own design/build firms and worked as senior manager for prestigious companies across the U.S.

His expertise in design and his skills in estimating and project management have provided his clients with unparalleled satisfaction in projects delivered on time and on budget. He's also a seasoned Master boat captain who proudly navigates local dolphin research projects with his wife, Dr. Ann Weaver.


Jeff Cave M.L.A.  •  Lead Design/Project Management

Jeff’s mom loves to tell the story of Jeff’s enthusiasm picking up his first tools—a shovel and a rake—as a young boy and knew that he would work with the earth in some capacity. His love of sculpting the earth has been a focus ever since. Before receiving his masters in Landscape Architecture, he worked landscape construction starting in his teens.

As a skilled metal sculptor, Jeff has incorporated many of his pieces into the landscapes he’s designed and installed over the years. His visual and environmental artistry is unique and is the primary reason people seek him out.

While much of his work over his career was in the western U.S. states of Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado, the past few years he has worked on projects in Thailand and Ecuador. Having lived in various tropical areas, he is aware of the building and landscape materials best suited for these climates. These projects along with his extensive travel have provided him a fresh, flexible and innovative design perspective that has come together in his work here in the Tampa Bay area.


Diana Matlack M.A. •  Design/Project Coordinator

Diana’s first professional chapter in life as a psychotherapist has served her well as the next chapter at Dynamic Outdoor Spaces unfolds. Her instincts, ability to listen and keen inquisitiveness lends itself well to helping clients discover what they need and want in their space.

Her innate design instincts have proven an asset in the design process and her feminine sensibilities balance the more masculine approach that her partners provide. Her attention to detail and love of pulling together all of the amenities help make the spaces come alive.

All of the observations and rich scenery she has taken in along her travels with partner Jeff, richly influence her design sensibilities here in St Pete. She has been blessed to live in various tropical coastlines and brings that experience with her to Florida.